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In Atlanta, Hip-Hop/R&B has been a vital part of the city’s culture since the early 90’s. Fast forward 20 years, now Hip-Hop/R&B is the most dominant genre for the first time in U.S. history & Atlanta has been doing it’s part producing the better part of the most popular artists in the game. Between the transition to the #1 style of music & the technological leaps being made, the rap game is more competitive than ever, especially here.

In 2013, Randolph “Dolph” Rivers founded 725 ENT Records with a small collective of local talented artists looking to make a name for themselves in the Atlanta Rap scene. Dolph had dreams of making it big as the owner of the record label, grinding day & night with his artists to put out new music. He believed that even without much knowledge of the business, he could still make it because of his hustle & determination to win. Dolph quickly learned how many distractions there are for the artists within the industry & decided to step back to reevaluate everything. He knew there was so much more to learn in order to be a success in this business, so he decided to focus all of his ambition on learning everything he could to prepare himself for the next chapter.

After 3 long years of dedication to learning from his mistakes & gaining more knowledge of the industry, it was time. In June 2019, Dolph launched his new Label & Artist Management Group Cash Runners Records. After what felt like an eternity he was finally working to fulfill his calling yet again, this time full of knowledge, wisdom, & faith. Cash Runners Records signed 3 artists from 725 ENT(Cappy, Richhie Waters, & Nuchie World) and one new artist (Cashy Facts) .

  • 1989

    Birth of Atlanta Hip-Hop - LaFace Records Founded

  • 2013

    725 ENT Records Founded


  • 2016

    Time to Reevaluate

  • 2019

    Cash Runners Records Takes Flight




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